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How to tie a necktie in 5 easy steps


How to tie a classic tie knot in 5 easy steps.

Good for skinny ties and regular width ties alike

Here is how to tie a simple, stylish, skinny tie knot in 5 easy steps.

  • Step 1: Drape over neck with end of tie on reaching the mid of your torso on the right side of body
  • Step 2: Cross longer tie side over the short tie side (end of tie); pinch and hold with left hand
  • Step 3: Bring tie under the short tie side with right hand and up through on left side of ‘V’ created (let go of tie and both hands)
  • Step 4: With right hand pinch tie knot while left hand swings tie across the front of the tie knot. Left hand will now holds the knot while right hand is free.
    • Finally! That took forever, right? Not really, but here’s your fifth and final step. 
  • Step 5: While left hand is still pinching the knot of tie bring the long end of the tie under ‘V’ created on right side with right hand and down through the loop you created on front of tie (what you created in step step 4).

Note: Reverse sides if you are a lefty

For an even easier skinny tie knot follow this 3 Step tutorial:

  • Step 1: Drape over neck with end of tie on reaching the mid of your torso on the right side of body.
  • Step 2: Cross longer side of tie over shorter side of tie, and pinch with left hand while right hand wrap longer side of tie entirely around shorter side of tie below the part you just crossed over.
  • Step 3: Right hand brings tie under ‘V’ created and down through loop created in step 2.