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THE CORBY (Blue & Blush Floral Skinny Tie)

Quality mens and kids skinny neckties at an affordable price

Purchase skinny ties
Mens & Kids 2 inch Skinny Neckties
Fabrics are quality thick wool, light breathable chambray, and stylish casual cotton

THE CORBY (Blue & Blush Floral Skinny Tie)

CORBY 2.jpg
CORBY 2.jpg

THE CORBY (Blue & Blush Floral Skinny Tie)


Men's Cotton 2" Skinny Necktie  

  • Color: Blue Floral

  • Fabric: Cotton Blend

  • Hand-made; dry clean only

  • Genuine leather tie label

  • Width: 2" (5 cm)

  • Length: 58" (147 cm)

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